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Join us in Berlin to learn about Nix and bitcoin

Berlin | Holzmarkt | October 6 + 7

Why nix + bitcoin

Nix is a system for reproducible builds of open-source software. Some really cool bitcoiners have been packaging up bitcoin software for deployment on nix systems for years; this conference is an opportunity for the bitcoin open source community to come together with some of Nix's best and brightest to share their projects, tips+tricks, and general knowledge about reproducibility, deploying bitcoin and other open source projects in easy to reproduce ways.

Conference Venue

Experience Berlin, learn a little more than *nix* about nix

bitcoin++ is happening at Holzmarkt 25 in Berlin, Germany. It's a short walk from downtown Berlin, on the river.

Where to Stay

The conference is at the Saalchen events venue at Holzmarkt 25. Here’s some suggestions for places to stay that are really close by! We don’t have an official hotel this year, as we’re at a conf center, (and typically the prices we get from partner hotels aren’t really amazing)

Who's Coming

bitcoin++'s first ever European conference is going to have an all-star lineup of nix and bitcoin experts.

Conference Agenda

Friday, Oct 6th

Check-in Opens, 8:30 am
Lunch, 12:00 pm - 1:20 pm
Afternoon Break, 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Saturday, Oct 7th

Venue Opens, 8:30 am

Satellite Events

Other bitcoin events happening in Berlin. Additional ticket/registration may be necessary!

bitcoin++ is made possible by the support of the bitcoin community

bitcoin++ is proud to be supported by a wide range of companies from across the bitcoin ecosystem. Check out what they're up to, both here online as well as at the conference.