a dev conf in Austin, Texas
highlighting layer-2 technologies

April 28-29-30

Bitcoin++ is a three-day developer-focused bitcoin conference. We place a heavy emphasis on long form lectures and workshops, with smaller more-focused audiences who are excited to get deeper into the cutting edge of bitcoin tech.
Our Austin conference will have a focus on layer-2 technology; we’ve invited a range of experts and builders across the scaling space to come talk about their projects and get users on-boarded to using them.


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Where at??

bitcoin++ is happening at the Palmer Events Center in Austin, Texas. It’s a short walk from downtown Austin, on Town Lake.

Where to stay??

The conference is at the Palmer Events Center. Here’s some suggestions for places to stay that are really close by! We don’t have an official hotel this year, as we’re at a conf center, (and typically the prices we get from partner hotels aren’t really amazing)

About $300 a night, walking distance to venue. Check Availability
About $400 a night, walking distance to venue. Check Availability
Apartment style digs a few blocks from the event center. From $240 a night. Check Availability
Boutique hotel within walking distance. From $450 a night. Check Availability
About a 20m walk from the venue, in downtown Austin. From $40 a night (shared dorm). Check Availability
2-star hotel within walking distance of the conference venue; $160 a night. Check Availability

Who's Coming?

... and you??


  • Ice breaker! The Lightning Gossip game with D++
  • 5-room round robin building afternoon with @niftynei, @bitcoinplebdev, @empact, @btctechsupport, and Buck Perley of Unchained Capital.
  • Socratic Seminar on Ephemeral Anchors
  • Intro to Workbench
  • Building with Lightning
  • Base58⛓🔓‘s Intro to Protocol Design
  • Writing a Bitcoin Core PR

Join us for a full day of talks and workshops from experts across the lightning, bitcoin rollup, and Liquid space to talk about scaling bitcoin and beyond!

Talks featuring:

  • nix
  • Core Lightning
  • Clams Tech
  • Start9
  • Mutiny Wallet
  • Simplicity
  • Lightning Jamming
  • Hashrate Markets w/ Rigly
  • Venture Funding w/ TVP
  • Mempool policy
  • Bitcoin Verifcation in Layers
  • Intro to ZKPs
  • Splicing
  • Rust + Lightning w/ LDK
  • Lightning Taproot, the spec

Come hang out Sunday, and build with your new-found friends across the space.

Hackathon Prizes:

  • $2,500 in cash prizes
  • $2,200 in Base58⛓🔓 giveaways
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